Competition Work

Milliners of Etsy
Avant Garde Sea Themed Hat Contest
September 2011
Highly Commeded
Judge: Richard Nylon
Judge's comments: I was particularly taken with the chic of the Kanagawa Wave hat. It crosses the line between art and fashion in a happy combination of shape , texture and inspiration. I could imagine a fashionable lady being quite happy to wear this hat to the races.

Commission Work

Milliners of Etsy
Black and White Ascot Hat Contest
May 2011
Judge: Mark T Burke
Judge's comments: This piece is simple but dramatic and would really be perfect for any lady at Royal Ascot. I liked the felt base with the white sinamay disc and the jaunty angle! Well done!

Commissioned for the Australian race season October 2011, the Red Petals Very Vintage Mini Hat, made each in, White and Black, and Cream, Blue and Brown.